Student Awards


Awards always encourage students.They are a source of motivation to achieve goals.Intelligent and hardworking students are always appreciated and loved by Misali Ravian Group of Schools and Colleges. Misali Ravian has special program to encourage such type of heroes.A lot of prizes and scholarships are available for brilliant students to struggle for .

Administrative Awards

Misali Ravian encourages its administrator by distributing awards among them.So the administrator can work efficiently for the progress of Misali Ravian. Administration plays key role for the success of any educational institution. Administration of Misali Ravian cooperates with its employees and compensates those students who can’t afford their educational expenses. As a result we can say, the administration of Misali Ravian is one of the best administration in Sargodha.

Faculty Awards


Teachers have always been a sanctified and esteemed part of the community . As it is said that the nation which has a respect for its teachers is blessed with the grace of Almighty Allah. To remunerate this blessed and esteemed community superior group of colleges has initiated faculty awards to promote quality education in every nook and corner of the country. Misali Ravian has not only stimulated optimistic and healthy competition among the teachers by appreciating the services rendered by its staff members but also pays tribute to their excellent performance throughout the academic session and as a token of encouragement endow them with fabulous prizes.

Leadership Passport

We believe that our students should take part in activities other than education just to get experience of real life.We urge our students to colunteer their time for social services ,like visting patients ,helping the poor ,caring for elders ,or other community services. The Misali Ravian Leadership Passport recognizes the development and accomplishments on the road to becoming a leader.The Passport is open to all Year for students and on successful Completion of the passport ,students will be eligible for a badge that recognizes their achievemnts and the responsibilities that are associated with being a leader.

Characteristics for Leadership Passports
Be a trust worthy

  • Be a role model to all students of Misali Ravian.
  • Be responsible.
  • Participate in any task.
  • Show respect to All members of the College Community.