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        June 1, 2012

        2 years



Misali School Cadet Courses

Cadet College test preparation is not an easy task. Teacher has to enhance the capability of student to get success in written test. Student have to work vigorously to show performance . MIsali Ravians have the comprehensive time table to get success in the first attempt. 

Even some students start earlier in junior cadet class. In the past years, Hundreds of Misali Ravian's pass in the Cadet colleges tests held every year.Misali students appear for admission in PAF public school, Lower Topa & Military

Requirments for Cadet Test:

Students are must be in 7 or 8 to qualify and age must be in 11 1/2 to 13 1/2. Students must be physically and medically fit for defence services if he is selected.

Procedure and classes

Qualification offered by CIE

  • Syllabus distribution in 9 weeks from March to May
  • Weekly assessment of each subject as per paper pattern
  • Revision of syllabus June, July, August
  • September Final Assessment before Examination (Oct)
  • Intelligence test preparation
  • Followed by initial medical )
  • Interview preparation
  • Final medical before entry (CMB) Morning, evening and special night class (7:00 pm t 8:30 pm)