Zahoor Ahmed Malik

( He Started his teacher career when he was only 19.He is highly qualified and well known educationist of the city.He has concrete experience of teaching and administration.He has a lot of Canadian vision for Misali Ravian’s students to achieve global acceptance. )

We aim to provide the best possible education in a congenial environment to enable the students to realize their potential and prepare for adult life. We are determined to provide state-of-the-art education conductive to high discipline and uniform progress. The programs on our campuses can lead to height of professional competence.The key to educational success lies in the establishment of a purposeful community of teachers and students ,stimulated by superb ideas and strengthened by hard work and continuous efforts.We can achieve our aims only if the parents ,students ,teachers and administrators work together in close co–operation.It will be a situation when all are anxious to improve themselves and help improve others.They will rectify each other’s faults and raise their capacities.This is, in essence the significance of our motto, “Achieving success together”.

I would request the parents to Cooperate with us in looking after the studies and progress of their children at home.It will be further helpful if they co-ordinate with us for educational ,social and moral improvement of the children.