Transport Services

Misali Ravian has reliable and limited transport to facilitate their students in different areas of city.

  1. Main Campus to Girls College .
  2. Main Campus to City Campus.
  3. Main Campus to Shaheen Campus.
  4. Main Campus to Quaid -e -Azam Campus.
  5. Main Campus to Model Campus .
  6. Main Campus to Girls School.

Misali Ravian Library

It is the aim of Misali Ravian to provide well – stocked libraries in all schools and there is an ongoing comprehensive program program of library expansion.Most of our branches now have a wide range of excellent books and magazines available for students to read and borrow.We are planning to make Computer available in libraries as and additional resource.In due course of time ,access to libraries around the world will also be made available through the internet.This ,we hope ,will facilitate research work by students and teachers alike.